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A visionary real estate development company, Premier Land Development specializes in pioneering distinct residential, mixed-use, commercial and industrial projects in New England.

Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, we offer in-house expertise that spans to every aspect of the real estate equation, whether it is identifying and assembling sites, zoning and financing/capital fund raising or master planning and architecture & design.

“Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.”

Currently, the firm’s portfolio includes stakes in market-leading Rhode Island, Florida and Alabama developments, with a combined project valuation of over $500 million dollars, working in partnership with preferred developers and distinct architects throughout the United States.

Pioneered by founder David Corsetti, the firm has a proven track record of successful real estate development and real estate technology and strategy.


Premier Land Development prides itself for being selective in its investment and development strategy. Benefiting from a family-office structure that allows the company to act as a “buy and hold” investor/developer, Premier Land Development prides itself that only hard work, patience and humility will hold Premier Land Development as distinctive from the others.

Letter from the CEO

David Corsetti, CEO

The entire globe is facing challenges more now than ever before. The worldwide pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate matters through a different lens.  The global economy is rapidly changing and the demands in real estate move along with those global demands.  With the evolution of technology, individuals are seamlessly transitioning into working remotely.  Long standing Brick and Mortar stores are now shuttering and moving towards online home delivery.

The pandemic has cooled down real estate in some parts of the country.  However, in Rhode Island and Nearby suburbs, we have seen record growth.  This is the result of Rhode Island’s Proximity to big urban city’s like Boston and New York where more individuals are moving to places where there is less urban friction.

Our company moves with the times, the location of our residential portfolio make it convenient for large city commuters to live in less congested urban areas.

This is a perfect time to integrate new ideas and designs in residential construction with more green living and eco-friendly development.  Our residential developments provide that suburban lifestyle in an urban shell.  Like, what we did at our building located at 229 Waterman Street, Providence.  The buildings design features sky decks, comfortable living space, rooftop lounge, ample parking to name a few, that is close to downtown Providence and a short commute to Boston.

The pandemic is a major factor for us on decisions on where to invest and where to capture the moving growth.  For instance, online shopping has increased exponentially over the last few years and especially during the pandemic.  Industrial development is an area where we are proud to capture.  More consumers are less visiting brick and mortar establishments and are relying on online delivery.  We are the primary force to deliver a Four Million square foot Industrial Park Development Complex in Johnston, Rhode Island.  This 1 billion dollar high technological development, will serve the needs for many Rhode Islanders and serve as a massive distribution center to many neighboring states and communities.

Even with the ongoing pandemic, demand for urban lifestyle living in safe neighboring communities will always be a driving force for us to invest and grow our portfolio and company.

If we can learn anything from the history of our great country, is that we have overcome many challenges and we will overcome this pandemic.  We will see some volatility in some markets on a short-term scale.  However, in the long run, calculated real estate investment and development will always be a cornerstone in this great economy.  America will recover from these extraordinary challenges and will teach us to lead the way into a smarter and better future.

“Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.”

David Corsetti
C.E.O & Founder